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Airbrush makeup has been a bride’s first choice in recent years when it comes to choosing the type of bridal makeup. Airbrush makeup is trending, however, there are many factors that one should consider while choosing airbrush makeup on their wedding day.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Before we discuss about the factors to consider while choosing airbrush makeup, lets understand what it means!

Airbrush makeup comprises of an airgun that is used to apply silicon-based foundation. The main benefit of airbrush makeup is that it feels very light on skin giving full coverage at the same time.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

It is water resistant hence best suited for hot and humid weather where sweating is profuse. Furthermore, Airbrush being water resistant is a boon to keep your makeup intact while you get emotional and might shed some tears!

Airbrush is a camera-friendly type of makeup. The products used for Airbrush are silicon based which minimizes skin imperfections like fine lines and skin pores.It looks radiant and provides sheer yet chic Makeup finish.

Airbrush if done with right technique will stay intact for maximum duration of your event. However, the above comes with a disclaimer that one should not touch their face frequently.

Factors to consider while choosing Airbrush Makeup

There is a proper technique,and many tools are required to do the Airbrush Makeup in a perfect way. Therefore, one must make sure that the Artist they are booking is well equipped and trained professionally.

As in clothes one size doesn’t fit all,similarly, Airbrush Makeup is not suitable for all skin types. You must trust your Makeup Artist to suggest which type of makeup should you be choosing on your Wedding Day.

Weather conditions are a major factor to consider while choosing the type of Makeup for your Wedding Day. Airbrush Makeup is best suited for hot and humid weather.

Airbrush Makeup at Makeup by Mily Kalra

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