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It’ s a dream of every girl to look absolutely smashing on her wedding events. There are a lot many factors that will do the trick like dress, jewelry, accessories and definitely MAKEUP!

Getting your makeup done from an expert is indispensable, however, there are many important skin care regimes that will help you look radiant and stunning on your D-Day.

Mily Kalra founded “Makeup by Mily Kalra” with a simple aim of promoting makeup as a tool that will accentuate a bride’s natural features rather than the makeup over powering the bride’s personality. Over the years, many of her brides have applauded and appreciated the natural and glamorous looks that Mily created for them.

Mily suggests few simple yet effective skincare hacks that if a person follows for even one to two months before their events it may have a great impact on the final makeup look.

As you might be aware that Makeup is effective in enhancing your features by techniques such as concealing, highlighting, color correcting yet it is not a treatment like botox that can erase fine lines or improve skin textures.

Personally, Mily feels that we should normalize healthy and hydrated skin over trying to achieve a porcelain finish. From her experience, she suggests that 9 out of 10 people have textured skin, fine lines or acne, which is absolutely normal and should not be overwhelming for any bride to be.

Having said the above, Mily explains that she has experience in working with such skin conditions and delivers excellent results provided basic skincare tips are followed.

Pre requisites for a healthy and hydrated skin:

CTM Ritual, which is cleansing, toning and moisturizing are primary steps in a skincare regime. One must follow CTM Ritual religiously according to their skin type to achieve a healthy skin.

It is mandatory to apply sunscreen after applying your moisturizer. Sunscreen acts as a shield against harmful UV rays that may cause blemishes or fine lines to appear.

Moisturizing Oily skin is as important as moisturizing dry skin. For oily or combination to oily skin, go for water or gel based moisturizers. For dry skin, hydrating but not too heavy moisturizers should be considered and you can always opt for face oils if your skin is too dry and patchy.

One should follow proper day and night skincare regimes regularly. CTM followed by sunscreen is an essential step for daytime. We may always add Vitamin C serum as it boosts the natural collagen of the skin maintaining a smooth, even and glowy complexion. For nighttime, one should combine CTM with serums as per their skin concerns. You may opt for serums or products with anti-aging properties and should apply under eye creams.

Brides to be should start prepping their skin and taking their pre-bridal sittings at least 3 months before the D-Day.Also, always keep in mind not to experiment or try any harsh treatments or new facials when the D-Day is approaching.

For healthy skin and hair, taking a healthy diet and proper sleep is must.

If the skin issues are severe and regular products are not giving desired results, one must see a Dermatologist for proper guidance and treatment.